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London, England Birthdate:
UCLA (dropped out) Debut:
Mother of the Bride, 1993 (TV)
Adam Beason

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This is a FREE gallery that contains provocative and nude pictures of Catherine Bell. These galleries contains nude and provocative photos from all of the paparazzi photos, and movies that Catherine has 'accidentally' let something slip!!

Despite what some people believe, Catherine has been caught flaunting her sexy body on more than one occasion since she has been famous.
The most talked about is the scene from "Death Becomes Her" (1992) where Catherine bares all. She has also done this in other movies such as "Dream On: Those Who Can't Edit" (1994) and "Hot Line: The Brunch" Club (1995)
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  • Catherine Bell of JAG fame topless and in a skirt and then having it and her panties removed by a guy before riding him on a chair in a much higher quality large resolution version of her love scene from Hotline (AKA Hot Line: The Brunch Club).
  • Other Various nude pictures and more!

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